Dear Gramma,

Remember that day that you asked me, “What is a Blog?” I don’t blame you if you don’t remember. Or, choose to erase that day from your memory. You were in pretty rough shape. I try to erase those last memories I have of you. Those aren’t the ones I want to remember. It’s been nearly a year since those memories.

Things are going well for our family. My dad’s been keeping Gramps busy rebuilding the boat. Aunt Linda and Uncle Gary have done a fair amount of visiting too. I haven’t heard much from Wally, KO, Steph or Jon, but maybe it’s because I’ve been out of the loop a bit. Kate, Tom, and Andy seem to be doing well. Business as usual I hear. They’ve even picked up more hobbies.

Mindy’s getting a little fatter, but that’s nothing new. When your (supposed to be) a 18lb. dog and you eat french fries all the time, I guess that happens. My mom and Linda have been pressuring Grampa to get her groomed more often too. He is slacking in that department,  she is damn furry. Grampa went on vacation to Florida with Ruth and Vick. Vick endangered his life by nearly falling asleep driving and refused to let Grampa drive. He had fun I think, they took a million pictures, but I still think he’d of rather gone on vacation with you instead. He doesn’t want to go again next year. I hear Grampa went on a date too. I dont think he knows I know. We won’t talk about that though. That can be a sensitive subject. He still loves you though. We all do. I think about you periodically. Lately more than usual.

Other things that are of significance,let me think… I’m dating someone new. I really wish you could meet him. I think you’d like him alot. He would sit there and listen to you talk for hours I’m sure. He would act as though it’s no big deal, and like he’s really engaged in the conversation, but he would be thinking the same thing we all do. “Man, this woman is a talker!” Leo is a nice guy, well actually he is really great! We’ve spent a lot of time together and things are going really well. I don’t want to jinx anything though, so I’ll leave it at that.

All in all, life is moving forward. As it does when anyone leaves this world. We’ve adapted, but we haven’t forgotten. We miss you. All of us do. That’s all for now.

See you on the flip side…